What is Breakthrough issues coaching and healing

Many struggle throughout life and try to change their lives trying different methods for many years without success or with only little improvement, why is that?

What is the secret to true change or transformation?

Over the years working with many people first as a hypnotherapist and later as a holistic health healer I found out that change and healing happens when there is a shift in the mind set or better yet in the consciousness.

What does that mean?

As you might have heard that we are creatures of habit therefore we create a pattern that we repeat throughout our life unconsciously and changing that requires revamping the mind set and shifting the way we think better known as consciousness.

No matter what the issues are from health to wealth and all in between when that shift happens there is a major change in the person’s life, the way we look at things to the way we behave and live our lives.

How does this work?

This system was created by Ben Raffi through many years of experience utilizing many different tools and modalities, and working with countless people.  Ultimately combining different strategies along side with spirituality to achieve the optimum result in a very short period of time where as some had worked on those issues for years and years with no success.   Even though this system is very powerful its rate of success depends on the willingness and openness of the person. The quote explains it very well that “The mind is like a parachute it works best if it is open”.

For more info please visit www.breakthroughissues.com

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