Dealing with and healing cancer

Dealing with Cancer holistically & Spontaneous healing
This is process that first one needs to learn about this dis-ease and what is going on within the body, next we look at how the body can heal itself and reverse it in a process called spontaneous remission which many have experienced and learn that it is possible to achieve this kind of healing even when all other options look bleak.

The next step is to deal with it holistically as discussed under the healing section where we use several healing modalities of mind, body and soul, Like mind, body and energy medicine, Angel healing and break through shifts which in turn causes our whole system to function differently and cause healing at a different level of out being which is higher consciousness.

Even though there are no guarantees the minimum that the person gets out of this process is more peace of mind, ease of side effects and better quality of life, in all areas; mentally, emotionally and physically.

A short note
My first encounter with Mr. Raffi was while I was making jasmine green tea in my kitchen, I heard Mr.Raffi’s voice coming from  the Persian radio. I listened to and enjoyed his program but did not think anything of it. Unfortunately, about 7 months ago I was diagnosed with liver cancer which included a great deal of pain. After a few months of chemotherapy the tumors grew further and I was told that the chemotherapy did not work on my type of Cancer. So I was left hopeless and extremely anxious.
I contacted Mr. Raffi and started working with him about 4 months ago, he suggested that we work together every day in the beginning. To my astonishment not only did my anxiety and depression go away – my pain that was almost 24 hours a day even with taking 5-6 morphine painkillers disappeared. Gladly last week, I found out that my tumors have shrunk by almost 25%. Every time that he does a healing on me I feel great afterwards and he restores hope in me again.  I truly believe in him as my coach and healer helping me go through these tough times in dealing with this deadly disease.  I do not know how I would have gone through all this without his help and I recommend it to anybody who is dealing with any kind of disease.  All you have to have is an open mind and have faith in him and the process that he take through.
I am happy to help if any one has any questions about his work and method of healing
H. P.

Los Angels Ca 
Jan 2014

Mr. Raffi is teaming up with health care professionals in dealing with this Dis-ease both medically and holistically.

Spontaneous healing happens when there is a major shift in the mind



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