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About Ben Raffi, Personal Development, Health & Wellness Coach

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Ben Raffi graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1979 with a major in Engineering Management and a minor in Real Estate. Ready to move on to the next phase of life and looking forward to a bright professional future ahead, he suddenly became very ill in 1985.

Numerous visits to doctors proved to be of no help to treat him for his unexplained debilitating pains. Having survived on pain medication for five years, Ben Raffi began to look for answers. He researched and studied several holistic and alternative healing systems that helped him turn his life around within a very short time frame, and provide him with the foundation for his journey of complete recovery.

After healing himself, Ben started helping others as a transformation coach, a Holistic/Alternative practitioner and a Mind-Body Energy Medicine healer. He has helped countless people changed their lives and heal themselves miraculously, spontaneously, and even remotely worldwide. The core component of his coaching and healing system he has created now is based on the ability of the mind to tap into its unlimited powers and beyond it.

Many times clients have told me that I perform healing miracles, my answer to this statement is that I work with the universal power, which works through me. This power can help us solve our issues and change our life. The only obstacle is that most do not know how to access this power and use it properly. Universe has guided me to discover and learn how to tap into this connection and higher power through several major life challenges and illnesses which led me to healing myself and later on helping others to do the same. My mission in life is to teach this system to others and spread it worldwide, specially to underprivileged children through “Miracles Within Foundation” which i invite you to join me in changing lives says Ben.

Ben Raffi is the author of “Miracles Within” and 4 other eBooks available on,  
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformation, Spiritual Life coach, Past Life Therapist, Certified Angel Therapist, Re-connective and Prantic Healing Practitioner, Yuen Method, Energy Medicine and Energy Therapies, Taoist Secret Meditation facilitator called Kunlun.  

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