A miracle story of healing and transformation

My unbelievable miracle healing story

It all started one day when a friend of mine invited me to an event at another person’s house where a healer by the name of Ben Raffi was giving a lecture. At first I was reluctant to go but I had this lingering ear pain which doctors were not able to get rid of so I thought I just go and see what happens. After a short lecture about the power of mind and the powers beyond it called energy medicine he suggested that he demonstrate a group energy healing. I was sitting at the back of the room and at first did not think much of it but low and behold all of a sudden my ears popped and the pain went away. I was amazed and then I decided to make an appointment to see him because you see I had 3 conditions that I was suffering from; Lupus for almost 10 years with sever body pains and heavy doses of immune suppressants, also was dealing with 3 strand of so called supper viruses which I had contracted at the hospital after a surgery taking very strong anti biotic which had not helped, and lastly taking medication for a non functioning cancerous thyroid gland which was medically educed dead.

When I met with him he told me not to worry we will deal with lupus first and then go from there and there again being skeptical I said ok let’s give it a try and see what happens.  Right there and then he started releasing my bodily pain and inflammations which once more I was amazed at how this was happening.  To make a long story short my after a few sessions my Lupus symptoms all went away and I started to reduce the medication,t without telling anyone not even Ben or my doctors. Then he said now let’s start working on the supper bugs which I had some very strange symptoms from mostly in my abdomen area.  Well amazingly all those symptoms disappeared too. Lastly he said do you want to work on the thyroid and I said well medically that is not reversible or possible but he said let’s try and I said ok. Low and behold it came back to life and I stopped taking all medication for that as well as all the other pills I was taking daily for all those years. Oh by the way during the course of these sessions I had several flare ups and sores in my mouth where he got rid of spontaneously.

Finally I decided to tell my four doctors that I have stopped all medications and I am all healed. At first they though I have gone crazy and immediately they ordered me to go through s series of tests which I did. Much to their amazements they all came negative and they could not believe any of it specially the dead thyroid coming back to life which they said that medically this was impossible.

Well I do not know how he did it all I know is that he channeled some healing energy to me and changed my whole perception of disease or illnesses and healing. I became a much happier person and my whole outlook to life changed. I started taking care of myself better and I did let go of several past bad relationships and some mishaps of my life. Also he thought me how to deal with negative energies in my life and work related stresses.

I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me and I hope that others who might be going though some challenges in life whether physically of emotionally be able to experience his healing as I did.  By the way I waited a year to write this letter to make sure that the healing lasts and even though I had some minor issues along the way which we dealt with swiftly I have never been better in my life.  If anyone likes to talk to me for more info please get in touch with me through Ben.

Eternally grateful and God bless you my Ben which I called my Jedi, Fay M.  Los Angles Dec 2014

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