A Brief Description As How To Achieve Happiness By Ben Raffi

There are many theories on how to be happy some people find it in material having things like a car or a house, some try to find it in relationships, and some in more temporary gratifications like sex, drugs or alcohol. But most of these do not fill the need or the gap. For example  we can see this in Hollywood a lot. So how can one find a deep level of happiness?

As a Hypnotist, Spiritual Coach and Healer, I have worked with many people over the last 20 years and have reach the following conclusion that are the most effective way of being happy and I will give you a brief out line it here:

1. Accept and love oneself unconditionally
2. Accept and love others without judgment
3. Accept life and its circumstances as is and not fighting it
4. Be in the moment and enjoy every moment
5. Let go of the past events and not dwelling on them
6. Learn and understand spirituality and live it
7. Give love and make a difference in life in order to have purpose and meaning in life

If we practice these 7 principals eventually a state of contentment brings you to an state of gratitude, love and happiness for no reason and I believe that is the highest state of being for any human being.

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