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Have you ever wondered how it would feel to experience a life change or an instant pain relief ? 

What is Breakthrough Issues coaching and healing?

Most of us face personal problems. These may be career-oriented; you can’t get ahead the way you’d like, or you feel you’re not working to your full potential or not being viewed by the boss as promotion materials. These problems may involve relationships. You long for love but can’t find it, or you’re in a relationship that’s actually toxic. These issues may even be life-threatening—severe depression, drug or alcohol addiction, or simply poor lifestyle choices that hurt your body. You want to change; you’re tried to change. But no matter what you do, the problems don’t go away. You’re stuck, and you can’t see a new way to attack these issues. Breakthrough Issues can help.

The secret to true change or transformation 

People are creatures of habit. Once we try something, we tend to do it over and over again, even if we’re not getting the results we want. In order to get positive results, we need to change our approach. In my years as a hypnotherapist and holistic healer, I have learned that in order to make fundamental changes in our lives, we must change our consciousness. To put it simply, this is the difference between scrubbing a floor until it’s clean and simply putting down a carpet over the dirt. Which action do you think produces real change?  This quote states it very well “change your mind change your life”. Breakthrough issues can help you understand your motivations and beliefs at the deepest levels of your consciousness and then help you replace those beliefs and motivations with ones that will enable you to truly solve health, financial, and personal problems. Once this shift in thinking occurs, you will be amazed at the results.

How does this shift happen?

Breakthrough Issues was created by Ben Raffi, a noted author, therapist, and healer. He has worked with thousands of people who wanted to see real change in their lives. His tools and techniques, combined with spirituality and genuine concern for his clients, has enabled him to develop a system that will help you make that breakthrough, re-set the way you look at the universe, and start making those positive changes that will drastically improve your health and happiness. Please see the reviews here:

The Breakthrough coaching Academy The ultimate coaching system for coaches

If you have experienced success in your life thanks to Breakthrough Issues, or if you are a life coach, therapist, or healer who wants new and powerful tools to help your clients, the Breakthrough Issues Coaching Academy is for you. We offer group training, seminars, and workshops that will allow you to use the Breakthrough Issues system to help others reach their true potential. For more information, please click on the link below. We’ll be happy to show you what we can offer.

Ben Raffi is an Author, Hypnotist, Transformational coach and spiritual healer

Breakthrough coaching, speaking in Los Angeles and worldwide, and spiritual Healing Los Angeles Ca and remotely, spontaneous healing, spiritual healing methods.

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